Starting a new career is very challenging, especially if you do not have necessary, state-of-the-art education and credentials in the current dynamic job market. Luckily, information technology (IT) is amongst the very few fields, wherein you can obtain the required expertise and skill sets to kick off a successful career in a relatively short span of time. By going through our 24-weeks coding bootcamp, you will learn market-demanded practical skills, core competencies, and certifications. TEK School is a software testing coding bootcamp, which is located in Falls Church, Virginia.

While our physical location is in Falls Church, you can conveniently participate in all classes online from anywhere in the U.S. Joining our virtual classroom requires that you have a functional computer, a reliable internet connection, and dedication to learn and apply the knowledge that you learn at TEK School.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Currently our Quality Assurance (QA) Training in manual and automation testing with its main focus on Java and Selenium is very popular and in a high demand. Our former students are a proven records of success in the job market. Learning new skills and transforming into a new career takes years. However, in our 24-weeks software testing coding bootcamp, we make sure to equip you with all essential skill sets that you need to succeed.

How it works?

Our QA training in Falls Church Virginia is structured in a way that is carefully designed for individuals who do not have any prior information technology background. By going through this QA Training, you will become familiar with all essential topics, skills, and technologies that are demanded from a Software QA tester. Please visit our QA Training location in Falls Church Virginia, in a very convenient location for residents of Washington DC, Arlington, Fairfax, and Alexandria.

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