Welcome to TEK School


TEK School is an IT training bootcamp that is especially designed for people who have no prior IT knowledge. Each of the courses we offer begins with teaching you the basics of IT, then the basics of the area you’ll be focusing on, and finally you’ll start learning the ins and outs of advanced IT skills.

At TEK School, you’ll join a small group of motivated students who benefit from extensive student support, free training materials and software support and tools. During the courses of the training, your teacher will assign you practical learning projects that will prepare you for the demands of your future IT Jobs.

At the end of your training, you’ll be able to complete assignments independently such that they resemble real world projects you will encounter in your role as an IT engineer.

New Student

Thank you for your interest in our programs. Please click on the link below and visit the admissions page where you can submit your enrollment request for your desired training program.

Business Partnership

We value our growing partnerships. You can rely on us to connect you with our talented alumni who are ready to begin their journey in software development and IT.

Global Certificate

Our trainings prepare students for global certifications like A+, Java Developer, or ISTQB.

Alumni Support

We support our alumni with one-on-one technical consultation and advanced trainings.

Quality Training

Our training curriculum responds to current and evolving demands of the U.S. IT job market.

Where some of our alumni work