Business Partnership With TEK School

We see businesses as our partners in this domain since all our students are hired by businesses from different parts of the country. At TEK School, we value our relationship with businesses and try to expand and make it productive for both sides. We welcome new business partners to join our board and become our exclusive hiring partners.

Benefits we offer to our business partner include:

Exclusive job eventĀ 

As a partner you can request an exclusive hiring event that will be fully sponsored by TEK School. During this event, you will be the one and only hiring entity on site. You can benefit from this opportunity and select those professional students who seem to be a good fit for your team.

Leave its organization to us

All the coordination and communication for organization of this event will be on us. We will coordinate the date and time with you, and will make sure we have our team professional students and staff on-site for the event.

Lunch & Learn

Casual conversation is another way to get to know people. Depends on the schedule and timing of this event, we can provide lunch and refreshment for the participants of this event. This way we will try to create a friendly atmosphere between you and our professional students where you can engage in casual or technical conversations.

Inclusive job fair

We work closely with you and other businesses in the area and will evaluate your potential hiring needs. Once coordinated with all the hiring partners, we will establish a job fair where you can also meet with other partners and possibly discuss some business! TEK School will fully sponsor and manage the organization of these events.

Continues Training and Continuous Placement (CTCP)

As part of our Continues Training and Continuous Placement operation we engage in dialogue and conversation with our partners throughout the year. This is not only to conduct placement but to understand their needs as well. We would love to train students who can engage in actual work side by side of your professional staff from week two!