COVID19 update


We’re all in this together

TEK School is closely following the CDC guidelines and any progress that is being made towards the pandemic. You can visit the CDC website and World Health Organization to learn more about the recent updates.

Due to the pandemic, all classes will be held online until further notice. When the situation goes back to normal, student will be given the option to attend and continue their classes in person and at no additional costs. Students are advised not to visit the School campus during the pandemic. All registration, classes, assignments, lab sessions, and tuition payments are handled electronically. All in-person meetings must be coordinated and scheduled in advance and students visiting the School must wear masks and practice social distancing as instructed by public health officials.

In order to keep our community safe, we request that you keep us informed if you or your immediate family members or close contacts are exposed to COVID19. At this time, we are operating on special hours. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Stay safe and be well!